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It’s All about the Surface

Threaded spindles are a popular design element in mechanical engineering. High-stress threaded spindles, for instance, are particularly prevalent in mechanical lifting jacks and in heavy-duty lifting equipment. The threaded spindles used in these areas are primarily manufactured through a whirling process. Threaded spindles that are produced by rolling processes often have very smooth surfaces that encourage slip-stick and have a negative effect on the service life of the system as a whole.

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All a Matter of Dimensioning: Online Thread Calculation from Bornemann

Whether they are used in plant construction, mechanical engineering or tool manufacturing, in demanding production processes, under water or in outer space: spindles and threads are often subject to extreme requirements. When it comes to thread dimensions, development departments require experienced engineers and technicians from as early as the prototyping stage.

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Determining the Service Life of a Thread: Quicker, More Precise and More Economical – Even for Custom Solutions


Threaded spindles and nuts have been a central part of modern life since the dawn of industrialisation. A startling fact: at present, it is practically impossible to predict their durability and wear, which is of critical importance for securing your investments. Introducing the new TriboLife thread testing system: it can rapidly reproduce wear through experimental testing, rendering expensive endurance test stands largely redundant.

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Special Screws For Valve Testing Benches

In petrochemical plants, power plants and other industrial installations, control valves precisely regulate the movement of gases and liquids. Leaking valves are one of the single greatest impediments to the efficiency of industrial processes.

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Diamond Screws

In large offshore winches, the reverse threaded spindles or diamond screws of Bornemann Gewindetechnik play a critical role in winding expensive special cables. The diamond screws are used in hoisting winches in spooling equipment known as level winders for neatly winding layer upon layer of extremely heavy cables that are often thousands of metres long.

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Avoiding the stick-slip effect

Bornemann Gewindetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Delligsen, Lower Saxony, has been producing threaded spindles and screw conveyors for more than 25 years. One of their main products is ready-to-install trapezoidal spindle drives for heavy-duty lifting gear, as used to lift rail vehicles. Constant lubrication of the load-bearing flanks of the thread profiles is essential for spindle lift drives, as insufficient lubrication can lead to increased wear and overheating as well as the socalled stick-slip effect.

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Finest Precision For Heavy Loads

The expansion of a high speed rail network is progressing in europe. The french railway company SNCF is about to develop its TGV (high speed trains) trains in a new generation, just as the German Deutsche Bahn is doing. even a private competition is rising in the ring of italy against the “frecce Rosse“ and from year 2014 there will be a high speed link from Cologne to London. Also Russia plans to develop a network of high speed train services for the 2018 fifA World Cup such as 300 to 400 km/h high speed trains from Moscow to st petersburg, to nizhny novgorod and to Kazan, with a possible extension to Yekaterinburg

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