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Self-reversing Screws / Diamond Screws

We manufacture custom-made diamond screws or self-reversing screws based on your drawing or sample. Self reversing screws are often referred to as level winder screws, reverse spooling screws or diamond screws. They are used in hoisting winches in spooling equipment known as level winders for neatly winding layer upon layer of extremely heavy cables that are often thousands of meters long.

Whether extra-large or super-small, we manufacture self reversing screws or diamond screws according to your individual requirements based on your technical drawings – even in non-standard sizes.

Self-reversing thread

Self-reversing Screws at Work

Self-reversing Threads
Reverse Threaded Spindles

Level winder screws are often used in offshore industries to spool heavy cables on winches. A self-reversing screw then guides the cables evenly from flange to flange. The harsh conditions offshore – the constant contact with salt water and extreme weather fluctuations – pose a particular challenge. Optimum precision and the very best quality can literally save lives. We manufacture self-reversing screws out of various materials such as 1.4057, 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4418, 1.4571, 1.7225, 34CrNiMo6V but also Inconell and Titanium for special equipment in polar and marine research, where intergranular corrosion must be excluded in extreme depths.

Apart from large off-shore winches a self-reversing screw can also be used as a level winder screw for winding up ropes in crane construction or for spooling yarns in textile production.

Technical Information on Self-Reversing Screws, Reverse Spooling Screws, Level Winder Screws or Diamond Screws

You can download a sample technical drawing of a self reversing screw for wire rope spooling equipment in PDF format here.

How to Get Your Custom-made Self Reversing Screw

Just give us the specifications you want – that’s really all we need! You can leave the technical conversion of your vision into an actual finished level winder screw to us. Please also contact us when you need help in defining the turning points of your self-reversing screw.

Simply send us a technical drawing or a sketch with all the required dimensions and we will do the rest.