Made in Germany

Special Threads

Extraordinary engineering projects often require special custom made parts. However, the specifications for these parts often deviate from standard sizes and profiles. This is why we have specialized on creating custom screw threads and threaded parts to fit any requirement. We manufacture your individual screw thread based on your technical drawing.

We designed our own thread making machines and also have our own tool production facility, which enables us to produce special screws with thread depths, forms, profiles, pitches or angles that go beyond the limitations of any official standards.

Whether it is a 20m long buttress thread made of anti-magnetic steel, a titanium screw with 15 thread starts or a lifting jack with a telescopic screw, whenever something unusual is required we are often called to the rescue. Custom Threads and Screws

Custom-made Threads and Screws

We can manufacture single-start screws, multi-start screws and whirled, cut or milled threads to suit any requirement. We manufacture your individual:

  • Multi-start trapezoidal thread
  • Worm gear with special sizes
  • Buttress thread with custom thread angles
  • Knuckle thread for rope drums
  • Rotor for mono pumps
  • Steep thread with custom pitch
  • Double threaded screw
  • Screw conveyor and screw segments
  • Self-reversing screw or level winder screw
  • Steering shaft with varying pitch
  • High Helix Lead Screw
  • Specially cut threads
Special Screw Threads
Custom Threaded Spindles

How to Get Your Custom-made Special Screw Thread

Just give us the specifications you want – that’s really all we need! You can leave the technical conversion of your vision into an actual finished special thread to us. Simply send us a technical drawing or a sketch with all the required dimensions and we will do the rest.