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Materials Testing

Planning is good, but testing is better

Even the very best of plans are no replacement for thorough practical tests. We run intensive live tests to ascertain the exact load and stress our products can withstand. Our efforts are supported by a number of external testing centers and experienced specialists. Our full range of non-destructive and destructive testing methods includes:

External Testing Laboratories

  • Tensile tests
  • Charpy V-notch tests for RT and cryogenic
  • Drift expanding test on nuts according to DIN EN 50135
  • Determination of lateral expansion and crystalline fraction content
  • Load bearing and stress test for nuts
  • Load bearing and stress test for threads
  • Hardness test (Brinell/Rockwell) – tensile
  • Thermal tension test
  • Macroetch test
  • Determination of grain boundary incl. cut and photo
  • Dynamic fatigue test
Macroetch | Dynamic Fatigue Test
Thermal tension test

Non-destructive Testing

  • Ambiguity testing
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Dimensional check/first article inspection
  • Product analysis
  • Hardness test (Vickers/Brinell)
  • Hardening depth – EHT
  • IK impact test
  • Structural test incl. cut and photo
  • Material composition, spectral analysis, metallic MP