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We are a family-owned and family-managed company. Unlike many other companies, we are not bound by the demands of majority shareholders, but are free to focus entirely on what our customers want and need.

Who We Are

“Made in Germany” means more to us than guaranteeing good quality. It is a commitment we are happy to live up to with our outstanding products and wealth of expertise. For example, we are committed to keeping production right here in Germany – we are loyal to the people, location, and regional culture that have helped us succeed over the years. It is also very important to us that we create and provide jobs and training opportunities throughout our region, not least because we want to do our part to keep up this region’s long-standing tradition in the metal industry. Come and visit us some time! We would be delighted to welcome you to Delligsen, Germany and give you a tour of our machine park.

Main entrance to the factory grounds

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60 Years of Bornemann Gewindetechnik

60 years of Bornemann Gewindetechnik

In 1964, Gerhard Dietrich laid the foundation for his life’s work in Stroit, Germany. His equipment: a second-hand turret lathe, great ideas, and hard work. With no professional title and no money, he took advantage of a post-war exclusion rule to register himself as the owner of an independent workshop. Thanks to a lot of ambition, hard work and commitment to producing excellent quality, he succeeded in building a solid foundation for his business.

The Family-owned Company Grows

Son-in-law Hans Gereke-Bornemann joined the company in 1978 and worked with Gerhard Dietrich to develop the company further. Highly customised thread components soon began to emerge as a key area of expertise and important business area. Aside from the production of standard parts, the company also specialized in custom designs and CNC manufacturing. The manufacturing program, machine park, and work force all increased in size along with the company’s growing success and recognition.

Changes and New Management

Hard times struck most traditional industries, but Bornemann Gewindetechnik had something special that kept things moving in the right direction: strong family ties. Rather than being forced to act according to the demands of investors and shareholders, this family business has always been able to act in its own best interests. In 1984, management of the company was transferred to the current owners, Gudrun and Hans Gereke-Bornemann. They developed the company further with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, especially in mechanical processing and the production of idlers and rollers. But one thing started to become clear: Slowly but surely, the company was getting too big for its base in Stroit.

Move to Delligsen, Germany

In 1997, Bornemann Gewindetech relocated from Stroit to the Klus industrial park in Delligsen, Germany. Now the company had more space, more workers and a large, modern production facility with approx. 3,800 m2 to put its ambitions into practice. The company now employs 32 people in Delligsen and is taking advantage of the latest innovative technologies to make even the most unusual customer requests a reality.

A New Generation

In 2008, future successors Moritz and Kathrin von Soden start work at Bornemann Gewindetechnik and work with Hans and Gudrun Bornemann to develop a sustainable strategy for the future. Despite the global economic crisis in 2009, which hit the mechanical engineering industry hard, the jobs of every single one of the now 60 employees were saved. Just one year later, the company overcomes the crisis and continues to grow unabated.

50th Anniversary

Bornemann Gewindetechnik celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014. In the fourth quarter of the same year, Moritz and Kathrin von Soden take over the management of the company. The company continues to invest heavily in state-of-the-art CNC technology, new buildings and modernisation. Marketing is internationalised and strengthened by professional online marketing. In addition, the first research projects are launched in co-operation with Leibniz University. An important milestone is the development of intelligent threads with integrated sensors.

Largest investment in the company’s history

Research efforts to optimise thread surfaces and extend service life pay off. The advantage of whirled thread surfaces is scientifically confirmed. Bornemann makes the largest investment in the company’s history and focuses on pioneering automation technologies with in-line measuring processes. A visionary corporate strategy for 2030 is developed in close collaboration with employees, further consolidating Bornemann Gewindetechnik’s position as a leading innovator in the industry.

Hello, I’m Lola, the company dog!

Ein Hund liegt auf einem Kissen

Every morning I accompany my owner to work at Bornemann Gewindetechnik. My day starts with a cheerful walk from office to office, where I get lots of treats and cuddles. Everyone here is super nice to me and I love coming to work!

There’s always something exciting to see or sniff – no two days are the same. My owner says I’m originally from Spain and I’m a water dog, even though I don’t really like water! But you know what? When I grow up, I want to be a truffle dog. Until then, I’m enjoying my time here, where I’m part of our great team.