Made in Germany

High-helix Screws

We manufacture your custom-made high helix thread based on your drawing or sample. A high-helix leadscrew, speedy multi-start lead screw, or steep lead screw features a high pitch that is used to transform a smaller radial movement into a large axial movement.

We produce single-start and multi-start high helix screws according to your specific requirements by utilizing our custom build machines that allow us to offer you a higher lead accuracy than rolled high-helix screws.

You can chose from a wide range of materials for high helix lead screw sets: from special hard-anodized aluminum to high alloy steels for lead screws and from wear resistant thermoplastic to any kind of bronze for multi-start nuts. On request we can also perform actual life time tests with your individual custom made high helix screw.

High helix Screws at Work

A High-helix screw is a thread with a steep pitch. High helix screws are used as:

  • Positioning screws for medical technology
  • Braking screws for wind turbine braking systems
  • Carry speedlines for door closing systems
  • Swivel motors
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Lead screws for packaging machines
  • Special drills in the oil industry
  • Linear high-pitch lead screws in Robotics
  • Feedscrews for dispensing machines
  • Screws for window / door / gate openings

How to Get Your Custom-made high-helix screw:

Just give us the specifications you want – that’s really all we need! You can leave the technical conversion of your vision into an actual finished high helix screw to us. Simply send us a technical drawing or rough sketch with some dimensions and we will do the rest.