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Feedscrews and Screw Elements

Our range of feedscrews includes single-start and multi-start extrusion screw elements in all geometries. We manufacture your individual feedscrew elements with a diameter of 10 mm to 280 mm with a keyway, a hexagon bore, a 24 tooth spline or your very own individual inner design – just send us your technical drawing.

Extruder mixing elements, feedscrew kneaders, conveying elements, reverse elements and transition elements from single flight to twin flight – all customized to your requirements and including all required surface treatments.

Every feedscrew manufacturer generally focuses on a specific portfolio of standard feedscrew elements for specific machine models. We however can virtually manufacture any type of feedscrew element according to any norm, with any pitch and out of any material.

Feedscrews at Work

Feedscrew, conveying element, feedscrews

Feedscrews and extrusion screw segments are used for transporting, mixing or kneading powders and dry bulk materials. Twin-screw extruders are used for processing Powder Coatings, Thermoplastics, Biopolymers, Medical Plastics, Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceuticals.

Feedscrews are also used to weigh materials, for example in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. In these applications, a specific quantity of a substance can be dosed out with each turn. Eccentric worm-drive pumps are often used to extract and pump fluids and materials of medium viscosity.

How to Get Your Custom-made Feedscrew

Just give us the specifications you want – that’s really all we need! You can leave the technical conversion of your vision into an actual finished screw element to us. Simply send us a technical drawing or a sketch with all the required dimensions and we will do the rest.

Feedscrews, conveying element, screw conveyors