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V Threads or Sharp Threads

We manufacture any single-start and multi-start metric V thread according to DIN 13, UNC, UNF and Whitworth standards – based on your technical drawing or sample. We can also produce any other size and V-thread profiles you need. Our team will be happy to design the right solution to meet your specific requirements.

V Threads at Work

Profile of a sharp thread
Sharp thread in bridge construction

Metric ISO threaded screws are V-shaped at the outer edges, and are self-locking so do they not need a screw lock.The flank angle of a V thread is 60° and it is commonly used for all places where fine adjustments with leads as fine as 0.0125inch (0.3175mm) are critical such as microscope stages.

Sharp threads are also used as fastening screws for frictional connections such as screw connections with anti-fatigue shafts or tension anchors. Sharp V-threads are not well suited for linear motion applications or power transmission.

Technical Information on V Threads

Here are the nominal dimensions of a sharp thread or V thread based on DIN 13 standards and dimensions for exterior and interior threads for Whitworth threads based on DIN 259 standards. We also produce Whitworth Fine Threads according to BS 84 (British Standard Fine Thread). There are also sample technical drawings for our metric ISO sharp threads or V threads:

How to Get Your Custom-made V Thread, Sharp thread or Whitworth Fine Thread

Just give us the specifications you want – that’s really all we need! You can leave the technical conversion of your vision into an actual finished V-thread to us. Simply send us a technical drawing or rough sketch with some dimensions and we will do the rest.