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Saw Thread Lead Screws and Nuts

We manufacture your custom-made saw thread lead screws and nuts according to your drawing. Thanks to our innovative and high-quality manufacturing process, micro-pockets are formed on the flank surface, which is ideal for the adhesion of lubricants. As a result, our saw thread spindles have a longer service life and reduced risk of the dreaded stick-slip effect.

Our products – specifications:

Diameter: 10-300 mm
Length: up to 6000 mm standard, up to 22000 mm on request
Number of gears: 1 to 6 standard, from 6 on request
End machining: according to your drawings
Rotation direction: RH/LH
Materials: C45, 42CrMo4, various stainless steels, super duplex, bronze etc.
According to standards: ISO DIN 513, DIN 20401, DIN 2781 and DIN 6063

Send us your technical drawings or specifications.
We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer!

Take advantage of our 40+ years of experience in the production of saw thread spindles and nuts made in Germany.

Buttress (Saw) Thread Table with 3D Models – According to DIN 513

Select the right buttress thread size and get a free lead screw 3D model!

Bypass the time-consuming CAD Model design phase by choosing your preferred thread size from our Buttress thread chart and instantly acquire the matching 3D CAD file in your desired format.

Technische Zeichnung eines Sägengewindes
Buttress Threads

Buttress Threads at Work

Buttress threads - saw threads

Screws with a buttress thread profile are mainly used in vertical lifting applications where the load is firmly supported on the upper flank of the screw thread.

The asymmetrical profile of the buttress thread, makes them suitable for bearing extremely high, single-direction axial loads and their load capacity is far higher than that of common Acme screws or Trapezoidal screws. Therefore buttress threads are commonly used as:

  • Screws for friction screw presses
  • Lifting screws for heavy lifting equipment
  • Lead screws or power screws in machines with high loads
  • Transmission threads in turning and milling machines
  • Screws in artillery equipment

How to Get Your Custom-made Buttress Thread

Just give us the specifications you want – that’s really all we need! You can leave the technical conversion of your vision into an actual finished buttress thread to us. Simply send us a technical drawing or rough sketch with some dimensions and we will do the rest.